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Welcome to the Open Journal System of Edutran Psychology and Behavior (EPB) is published by Edutran with its main aim to spread critical and original analysis from researchers and academic practitioners on psychology and behavior both local and foreign. The writing is published after undergoing a peer-review process by providing an exclusive analysis of psychology and behavior from various perspectives. EPB provides high-quality study outcomes and new thoughts for academic practitioners, researchers, and decision-makers. Published twice a year: March and September. EPB provides itself as a medium for – also invites- researchers, academic practitioners, and intellectuals to submit their critical writings and to contribute to the development of psychology and behavior.

Vol. 1 No. 1 (2023): Edutran of Psychology and Behavior

Published: May 15, 2023

Conformity and Positive Emotions as Predictors of Impulsive Buying Tendencies of Online Shopping Consumer

1-8 Lania Muharsih, Linda Mora, Cempaka Putrie Dimala, Wina Lova Riza
Read Statistic: 245

The Role of Quality of Work Life on Employee Engagement with Work Environment as a Moderating Variable

9-13 Linda Mora, Lania Muharsih, Nuram Mubina, Nita Rohayati
Read Statistic: 90

Subjective Wellbeing among High School Students: A Research on the Role of Emotional and Social Support

14-20 Nita Rohayati, Cempaka Putrie Dimala, Wina Lova Riza, Lania Muharsih
Read Statistic: 101

Effectiveness of Positive Self Talk to Increasing Student’s Self-Confidence

21-27 Cempaka Putrie Dimala, Arif Rahman Hakim, Ivana Mara Salsabila
Read Statistic: 333

Predictors of Cybersex Behavior among College Students in Karawang Indonesia

28-35 Nuram Mubina, Wina Lova Riza, Nita Rohayati, Cempaka Putrie Dimala
Read Statistic: 166

Self-Esteem and Attachment as Predictors of Resilience in Early Adults Experiencing Quarter-Life Crisis

36-41 Wina Lova Riza, Nuram Mubina, Lania Muharsih, Linda Mora
Read Statistic: 446
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