Published: May 15, 2023

Conformity and Positive Emotions as Predictors of Impulsive Buying Tendencies of Online Shopping Consumer

1-8 Lania Muharsih, Linda Mora, Cempaka Putrie Dimala, Wina Lova Riza
Read Statistic: 245

The Role of Quality of Work Life on Employee Engagement with Work Environment as a Moderating Variable

9-13 Linda Mora, Lania Muharsih, Nuram Mubina, Nita Rohayati
Read Statistic: 90

Subjective Wellbeing among High School Students: A Research on the Role of Emotional and Social Support

14-20 Nita Rohayati, Cempaka Putrie Dimala, Wina Lova Riza, Lania Muharsih
Read Statistic: 101

Effectiveness of Positive Self Talk to Increasing Student’s Self-Confidence

21-27 Cempaka Putrie Dimala, Arif Rahman Hakim, Ivana Mara Salsabila
Read Statistic: 333

Predictors of Cybersex Behavior among College Students in Karawang Indonesia

28-35 Nuram Mubina, Wina Lova Riza, Nita Rohayati, Cempaka Putrie Dimala
Read Statistic: 166

Self-Esteem and Attachment as Predictors of Resilience in Early Adults Experiencing Quarter-Life Crisis

36-41 Wina Lova Riza, Nuram Mubina, Lania Muharsih, Linda Mora
Read Statistic: 446